WordPress Setup Autopilot

WordPress Setup Autopilot Plugin

WordPress Setup Autopilot is a geeky little WordPress setup automation solution for quick website kick-starts consisting of

  • A high-level, data-centric configuration language that allows us to capture setup intents as executable setup recipes.
  • A virtual machine to safely execute such recipes
  • A simple but effective drag-and-drop admin interface to quickly assemble the optimal recipes for a setup at hand

With WordPress Setup Autopilot Webmasters can achieve a starting point for new websites that is much closer to their specifc business requirements and standards than the standard WordPress “5 Minutes Install” can ever provide.

Essentially, WordPress Setup Autopilot allows a Webmaster to:

  1. Asses the recurring scenarios in his business
  2. Establish standard procedures to cover those scenarios
  3. Capture (much of) those standards into any number of executable setup recipes
  4. Replay any subset of those recipes on a fresh WordPress install to create a profound basis for his new site

We are avid users of WordPress Setup Autopilot. It has saved us numerous boring/repetitive setup work, to the extreme benefit of enabling us to kick-start new blog-like websites entirely on autopilot.1

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  1. When we say “on autopilot”, we don’t mean the despicable practice of auto-posting by scraping (i.e. stealing!) someone else’s content – a realm in which the term “autopilot” is often used in that sense. []