Instant WordPress Slider

WordPress Slider Plugin

A solution that takes all the hassle out of turning a piece of “traditional” content into a fancy, responsive¬†WordPress¬†slider.

Designed specifically to support rather than disrupt the creative writing and editing work flow our solution avoids the usual “shortcode orgy” and “custom post type dance“, and resembles what a writer would naturally do instead: Write the copy first, then augment it with notes and hints for the designer/coder that tell him/her how the content should appear on the front end. Except that in this case, those hints are understood and executed by the underlying software.

The solution incorporates many types of UI elements besides sliders: tabs, accordions, feature boxes, testimonial boxes, and more.

The slider component is particularly smart in that it can act as an image slider as well as a content slider, automatically adapting to the content under arrangement.

WordPress Image Carousel

WordPress Image Slider

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