Animated WordPress Footnotes

WordPress Footnotes Plugin

Footnotes are a great tool for writers. But classic footnotes are static – not really adequate for viewing on the web, and even less adequate for viewing on a mobile device.

Animated WordPress Footnotes is a solution that turns your good old static footnotes into a slick, interactive experience.


  • Extremely easy to write: If you didn’t have footnotes at your disposal, you’d probably write it in parentheses. To write a footnote is not a stretch: Just double the parentheses, and the text inside automatically becomes a footnote. Numbers and links are generated automatically.
  • Smoothly animated: Shown on click in a nicely designed and smoothly animated slide-up (like Wikipedia) – on media that support JavaScript.
  • Statically visible on media that don’t support JavaScript (like RSS readers and printouts)
  • Visible to Google & co. for best SEO results

What You See

Animated WordPress Footnote

What You Write

Writing an Animated WordPress-Footnote

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