Instant WordPress Plugin Details


In a multisite context, plugins are shared between sites.1 Hence the plugins dashboard page quickly becomes fairly crowded, and it becomes cumbersome to remember what plugin does what from the short description on the page alone.

What you need is quick access to the plugin details.

Alas, WordPress gives you the plugin details only on the “Add New” plugins page. This means you can readily access details for plugins that you don’t have, but not as readily for those that you have.

Instant WordPress Plugin Details gives you the “Details” link right there on your plugins page.

But it does more than that.

The built-in “Plugin Details” gives your the details from the most recent version in the WP plugin repository, not for the version on your server. There are two drawbacks to this:

  1. The “Details” box shows data stored on But what if you develop on a local server on your laptop, and there is no Internet connection right there and then?2
  2. You always get data about the latest version of the plugin. But what if you had good reasons not to update the plugin? You’ll be getting information about a version that you don’t run.3

That’s where Instant Plugin Details comes to rescue. It adds two more facilities:

  1. It gives you access to the local plugin readme (and takes care of the Markdown to HTML conversion)
  2. It gives you access to the local plugin screenshots.

Both are shown in a dialog box similar to the plugin details (perhaps not as stylish as the original details box, but equally effective.)


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  1. Not all plugins are active on all sites, and those that are do have distinct settings, but the plugin files are the same on every site. []
  2. Because you travel and work , for example 😉 []
  3. Because your version may behave differently than the current one – which is sometimes the very reason why you don’t upgrade. []