Geeky Blogging


Well well, me hearties. How was your blogging experience today? Was it like this?

  • Run browser
  • Navigate to your login form…
  • Enter your credentials…1
  • Navigate to the posts admin page
  • Click Add New
  • Start typing


Oh but that is sooo lame Dude! 😛

Time to geek up.

Look here! We’re writing this post in Markdown using our favorite geeky text editor.2 When we’re ready to publish it, we just hit F7, and off it goes. We can even select which blog to post it on. All thank to XML-RPC, and a slick home-grown tool chain. B-)

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  1. Of course your browser is entering these automatically for you, we know you are that clever 🙂 []
  2. A geeky text editor has syntax highlighting, abbreviations (a.k.a. snippets), incremental search, custom commands, and a whole load of other geeky awesomeness. Plus it’s fully scriptable (of course). 🙂 []